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Write a minimum of 700-800 words (NO penalty for going over 800 words!). Remember to review criteria for discussion posts: Including at least 3 scholarly resources, APA style, APA citations, and references in APA format. Please place response into the text box. You are to respond to 3 classmate posts. Include your textbook and resources provided in prompt as references. Feel free to use and integrate additional scholarly resources you deem appropriate.

Watch and read the following resources and answer the questions posed:

Warning Signs of Too Much Screen Time (1:51)

How to Miss a Childhood

How to Miss a Childhood

Kids and Screen Time: What Does the Research Say?


What Captures Your Attention, Controls Your Life


Teens Say They’re Addicted to Technology: Here’s How Parents Can Help


What does the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend regarding daily entertainment screen time for children & teens?

In what ways can over-exposure to screen time impact a child’s developing brain?

According to the resources provided above, what are some concrete steps parents, teens, and adults can take to help minimize and/or prevent the negative impact of too much screen time? Be specific.

In general, what surprises you most about what you’ve learned about the impact of excessive screen time on development?

Ignore responding to classmates

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