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Complete a research paper on a topic of your choosing in the area of wireless networking, wireless technology,
wireless security or RF related technology. Some example topics are as follows (note: only one student will be allowed
to write on any one specific topic, so be sure to clear your paper with me before you start – deadline 7/7/2017 for topic
● Frequency Hopping History
● 802.11 Networking
● 802.11i or 802.1x
● AlohaNet
● Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
● Others with permission (must get permission by 7/7/2017)
The paper must meet the following criteria:
● 8 pages
● double spaced
● Times New Roman 12pt
● 1” margins
You may use the textbook as a source, but you must also include at least one of each of the following:
● Standardization/Specification documentation (if it is a standard), otherwise technical documentation is
● Online tutorials/documentation (should be third-party if possible)
● Book, periodical, journal or other publication (in a pinch, an online posting will work)
Your paper must have a defined thesis (i.e. argument that you seek to support). This is, after all, a research paper
where you seek to make some statement about technology, policy, etc. that you seek to support. Please remember
the academic honesty rules and regulations with regards to plagiarism. You must use a citation method (e.g. APA,
MLA, etc). This information will be reviewed in class for clarification. The following link will help with the process of
providing citations for your document:
● http://libguides.luc.edu/content.php?pid=32714&sid=239665
This link has examples and guidance for both APA and MLA style. You do not need to use one in particular, but
whichever you choose, be sure to follow its roles appropriately. Please note, failure to use proper citations and
providing credit to the appropriate original author will result in loss of credit and possible academic consequences
depending on the severity. Additionally, a paper with more than 20% of its content delivered as direct quotes from an
original work will not be accepted.
You must submit your paper electronically via the Sakai website. Please note, your papers will be submitted through
the Turnitin system and checked to ensure that you are complying with the academic honesty code of the University.
The filename for submitted documents must be as follows 349-LASTNAME.xxx (where LASTNAME is replaced with
your last name. The xxx is the extension of the application used to write your paper: Word, PDF, HTML, RTF, or plain
text). PDF format is preferred.
20 pts – Well defined thesis statement
40 pts – Introduction and general description of the technology
80 pts – Thesis support
40 pts – Summary/Conclusion
20 pts – Proper format (including inline citations and work cited)
TOTAL – 200pts

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