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Refutation format:
1. Introduce ONE(1) opposing argument.(1 sentence)
2. explain opposition’s argument (2-4 sentence)
3. “however” statement in which you signal a change in direction and proceed to refute the argument by proving wrong with facts or proving irrelevant. Do  not suggest
proposing outside policies as solutions or try to outweigh the argument with other facts.

Conclusion format:
1.Restate thesis in new words.(1 sentence)
2.restate main arguments or ideas in new words (3-5 sentences)
3. closing statement- choose one: call to action, anecdote, quote, fact, or prediction of future.

The circled paragraphs need to be changed to only make arguments that are for nuclear energy. Remember, you’re trying to convince the reader that they should support the US switching to nuclear based energy instead of fossil fuels.  avoid repetitive ideas and arguments

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