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ANSWER THIS QUESTION: Write an analysis explaining how setting and plot are intertwined in the story, “The Road to Salvation.”

The entire essay will be solely focused on answering that question using the format explained below

1. Provide a clear and identifiable thesis.

2. Provide an original and insightful analysis and evaluation of the text based upon YOUR OWN critical thinking skills. Several points will be taken off for answers that amount to nothing more than quoted material and summary.  This means that you cannot wait until the day before this assignment is due to begin re-reading, researching, and writing. You need TIME to move beyond summary.

a. Support your thesis with examples and quotes from the text.
b. Keep your thesis and your content directly relevant to the question.
c. Don’t be afraid to examine and extrapolate. If we know A & B, then we may predict C.
d. Do NOT employ fluff or redundancy in order to reach an impressive word count. Be concise.

3. Pay attention to conventions such as sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and grammar.

4. Organize your thoughts and your answer. Each answer is expected to contain separate paragraphs of a related and flowing thought process.

5. Your answer should contain four elements:
A. Context (A little bit of background information. Please do not plagiarize).
A. Thesis (your claim),
B. Evidence (Documented and cited proof from the text or provided materials).
C.  Analysis (your explanation discussing how the evidence supports your claim and the connections and discoveries you’ve made).


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