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I. Intro paragraph: Hook (Question, Quotation, Statistic or Scenario), Topic sentence, Thesis statement, Transition sentence

II. Original Plot Summary
A. Title, Author, and Genre
“The Slated”, By Terry Terry, Young Adult Fiction

B. Setting
1. The setting of this book is future London.
2. Most of the action in this book takes place in a school or a hospital.
3. The place was normal like any place in the world now: trees, buildings, people, etc.
4. I think the author picked this setting for the story to entertain but also maybe inform the readers what the future could be like.

C. Characters
1. The main character of this book begins as a human 16 year old girl named Lucy. When she becomes “slated”, her entire original life is erased. Her new name is Kayla. Later we find out about a third persona named “Rain”.
a. Lucy was about 5 foot 1 inch tall with brown hair.
b. Lucy was left handed
c. Lucy was a liar.
d. Kayla had several personalities that started showing up when she became Kayla.
e. Kayla was a “happy slated girl”.
f. Lucy’s brown hair gained blonde highlights when she became Kayla.
g. Kayla was marked with a levo.
h. Kayla is right-handed.
i. The fact that she could lie and knew the truth is a good thing. In this story, the ability to lie is a good thing because she needed to be able to lie to get out of certain things to be able to hide the fact that these multiple personalities were showing. If adults knew that past selves were coming through, the consequence would involve being slated again if she was under 16. After 16 it would result in death.
j. The fact that she has to be “this happy slated girl” instead of whoever she wants to be is bad.
k. Kayla did something to be slated, and wants the levo off before she’s 18 years old.
l. Her goal is to get the levo off before she turned 18.
m. She was trying to accomplish this to be free to think, feel and do what she wants.
n. She was working against the Lorders.

III. Story/Plot Line
A. Exposition: (a comprehensive description and explanation of an idea or theory): In this book, when a person does something bad, instead of going to jail, people are “slated”. This can only happen to kids under 16 – if you’re older, they just kill you. When you get slated, your entire life and personality and memories are wiped and you get new ones. You also get a new family, and you are marked with a “levo” on your wrist. The levo measures your emotions. You can’t get angry or sad or violent at all. If the levo measures you below a 5, it vibrates. At a 3 it will make you sleepy. Below a 2 it will react to knock you out. At a 1 or lower, it kills you. While you are wearing a levo, you are not allowed to have romantic/sexual relationships. The levo is removed when you turn 18.

B. Inciting Incident/Initial Event: The main character of this book is a human 16 year old girl named Lucy. When she becomes “slated”, her entire orginal life is erased. Her new name is Kayla. As Kayla, she figures out that she is exhibiting personality traits from a prior personality (“Lucy”), but doesn’t actually know who “Lucy” was. Kayla at first doesn’t have control over what personality traits of Lucy’s are showing, but realizes pieces that aren’t “her” are showing through. The first time it happens, she’s still in the hospital recovering from the slating. She reports the event, but it’s mostly ignored because many slatees are known to have one or two memory events during recovery.

C. Rising Action: Because they didn’t do anything the first couple of times, Kayla didn’t report the events any more. She kept it to herself and decided that if she was keeping to herself, she wasn’t technically “lying”. Since she didn’t report any more events, they thought she was ok and sent her to her new home.

D. Turning Point/Climax: When Kayla goes home to her new family, she has 2-3 weeks before she can start school. When she starts school, she meets a boy who has also been slated. The boy (Ben) runs to keep his levo levels up. Kayla discovers that she likes to run too, and starts running with him. Their forbidden relationship develops. Kayla’s sister in the new family was also slated until just before Kayla joined their family. She had a boyfriend before the levo came off. Kayla tries to argue that she should be able to be with Ben because the sister had managed a relationship.

E. Falling Action: Kayla is told she has to end the relationship with Ben. Ben tries unsuccessfully to cut off his levo. The Lorders come and take him away to be slated again, so Kayla and Ben’s relationship ends.

F. Denouement: Kayla is sad and angry, and her life moves on. Hints are given that there may be a third, angry personality peeking through for Kayla now. (This book is one in a series.)

IV. Literary Evaluation:
A. Imagery: The levo is an important piece of this story. It’s an item that is described several times. If you twist it, it creates pain. It displays a number identifying your emotions and there are consequences for the number being wrong. It controls your life, literally. If the levo “tells” on you, you could be executed.

B. Memorable Quotes:

C. Tone: The author wanted the audience to feel happy, sad, scared, intrigued, curious, and left them wanting more.

D. Theme: Don’t do things that will get you into trouble. (The people were only slated if they did something bad like killed someone.)

V. Personal Review
A. The story’s strong points and shortcomings: The blood that she could taste tasted like metallic. The story was strong, the author made me feel like I was in the story and it left me hanging on in the end which I liked because I was excited to read the next book.

B. Whether the story was well-developed: Yes.

C. Whether the story was predictable: No, it always kept me on my toes and I never knew what was going to happen next.

D. Whether the author kept your attention: Yes, I was always on the edge of my seat wanting more.

E. Whether the author was convincing: When I read the book I felt like I could see, hear, feel, and even taste everything.

F. Your personal reactions: I couldn’t wait to read more, I had a hard time putting the book down.

G. What you took from the book: What I got from this book is that it’s okay to stand up for what you believe in.

H. Whether you recommend it: Yes, I would recommend this book to people who want a little bit of romance but mostly action.

VI. Concluding Paragraph (Restate the Intro in reverse without the thesis)

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