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•    The purpose of the individual biblical integration paper is to explore the topic of servant leadership in a non-exhaustive manner.
•    You will submit a 750-word paper assessing servant leadership from a biblical perspective. You must ensure that the paper is exactly 750 words.
•    The paper must include citations from Scripture, the required readings from the course, the lectures, and all presentations that pertain to a biblical perspective on servant leadership (found in the Reading & Study folders in Modules/Weeks 1–3).
•    There must be at least 10 citations to each item in the Reading & Study folder in Modules/Weeks 1–3 (the Duby article, the lectures, all presentations including Fischer, servant leadership articles, Blanchard and Hodges, Blanchard et al., and Scripture).
•    The individual paper must cover the following topics:
o    A biblical analysis of the key ideas associated with Greenleaf’s servant leadership perspective.
o    A biblical foundation for servant leadership.
•    Current APA guidelines must be followed, including the use of a running head, title page, abstract page, reference page, etc. These elements are not included in the required word count for this assignment.

Please Reference the Following documents for further instructions:

Required readings are attached. The required book reading is

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