Assignment 2: Research Report—Sales Promotion Mix
Read BOOK before writing a paper, please.
In this assignment, you will discuss the important definitions of sales promotions and research two examples of sales promotions by using the online lectures, your textbook, and The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division Online Library.


To create your research report, address the following in a 400- to 500-word Microsoft Word document:

On the basis of your textbook’s chapter “Promotion: A Global Perspective,” describe the eight important elements of a promotion mix. How do the elements of the promotional mix relate?
Define the terms “sales promotion” and “public relations.” Describe the similarities and differences between the two.
Imagine your client at a leading sales promotion agency is asking you for two examples of sales promotions. Research two of your favorite campaigns on sales promotions on the Internet.
Describe the two campaigns and explain the reasons for their success. Post images of the campaigns to support your explanation.
Note that the sales promotion campaigns you researched in this assignment could be used as an inspiration for the course project. Save any ideas and drafts you do not submit in this assignment for possible future use.

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