please watch the videos and read the chapter and include 6 citation to the reading and use only the assigned book and the video The bulk of the course will consist of reading the assigned material from Evan’s book and writing short weekly reflection papers on them. Each paper will involve an attempt to answer a specific question offered by the instructor using the sources that have been provided. The reflection paper topics are listed in the schedule. Students may choose between the topics listed each week, but must cite material from both chapters assigned. It is important that these papers be personal reflection papers (that is they are your ideas) but that they make use of the arguments provided in the book. Cite the arguments presented and demonstrate familiarity with the issues the author presents. Each paper should include 6 citations to readings that have been assigned. If two chapters have been assigned, 3 citations should be from each chapter (6 total). Students must include the page number cited in parenthesis after their quote or paraphrase ( e.g. (Evans, 113) ). Each personal reflection paper must be a minimum of 1000 words in length and free from spelling and grammatical errors. An electronic copy must be submitted via email by the Friday of that week the work has been assigned. Each paper is worth 100pts. Combined, the weekly reflection papers are worth 600 pts. Each paper should include: 1. Introduction to the summary topic for the week. (Eg. "Are Faith and Reason in Conflict") 2. An examination of the material assigned for that week pertaining to the summary topic chosen. 3. 6 citations, in RED, three from each chapter, including one direct quote from the text. 4. Concluding remarks on the summary topic based upon evaluation of the weekly material. Required Texts: C. Steven Evans, The Philosophy of Religion: Thinking about Faith IVP, 2010. DOWNLOAD E-BOOK VERSON AT: Read: Evans Introduction and CH 1 and watch VIDEO: Evans Examination Paper : What are the problems and possibilities of the Philosophy of Religion?

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