Task details:

This assignment consists of a 1500 word essay and five, 200 words summaries, total 2500 words. In this assignment you are required to choose one of seven topics related to Public Health Promotion and research five items of information related to this topic.

The seven key areas for Public Health Promotion in the UK are:

Tackling Obesity

Reducing smoking

Reducing harmful drinking

Ensuring every child has the best start in life

Reducing demetia risk

Tackling antibicrobial resistance

Reducing Tuberculosis

Having chosen your topic you need to search the literature for 5 different pieces of information that explore ways of reducing the risk relevant to your topic. One of those items must be a quantitative research article, one must be qualitative research article, one must be an opinion based article, one an information leaflet and finally one must be social media/web page or YouTube clip.

More details in the attached document.


25000 words


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