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Your assignment is to select an element from the periodic table and submit an essay on the element. It should be no more than 1000 words.  You will be allowed to show illustrations and images
regarding this element and any of its characteristics.  No more than one element will be selected per student.

Essay Criteria:

I am looking for originality of thought, so use your own thoughts and references.  References should be in APA format.
You can use some Internet references (no more than three), but I encourage you to use some books or periodicals as well.
I am looking for you to write a coherent essay, not just a few sentences or paragraphs.  So, spend some time researching this topic.
This assignment will be worth 20% of your overall grade, so do your best.
No late assignments will be accepted.

Element Criteria:

For your element, you should discuss the following:

Physical and chemical properties (e.g. melting point, boiling point, density, reactivity with certain substances, such as water, air, etc.).
Compounds that contain this element. You can discuss uses of some of these compounds, if you wish.
Abundance in the earth’s crust (if it is a naturally occurring element) and possible isotopes.
Uses and applications of this element and/or some of its compounds, especially in the medical, health, agricultural, and industrial uses).
History of this element (e.g., when and how was this element discovered?  By whom?)

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