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“Not the opium-eater, but the opium”: Theorize De Quincey’s opium for me.  What does opium do?  To whom does it do what it does?  What does it mean—and to whom does it mean what it means?  How does opium affect, produce, or obliterate subjectivity—what happens to the self under the influence of the drug?  Is opium represented as part of an identifiable set of practices, a horizon of culturally determined expectations?  As the transgression of identifiable practices and horizons?  Both?  In what ways is opium a national event, a material event, an economic event, as much as (or rather than) a sublimely individual and transcendent vehicle. Read the attached pdf to be able to answer all these questions and write a paper using cohesive thought and language. Be sure to use plenty of quotes

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