Essay Questions

Pick two topics below, one from Section A and one from Section B.  Write a three to four-page, double-spaced paper on each.  You are encouraged to think creatively while drawing on the material we’ve studied and discussed over the course of the semester.   Note: You can assume I am familiar with the details of what happened in regard to the issue(s) each question is built around; as such, there is no need to summarize the events involved.

Section A

Topic 1

Consider Goldman Sachs’ demand for a dollar for dollar match on the credit default swaps it purchased from AIG.  Discuss whether Goldman’s demand meant it was thinking of the financial situation created by the subprime meltdown as a cooperative or competitive game.  Are there any “facts of the matter” that you can appeal to in order to suggest how Goldman should have handled the situation?  (Think of the “Road Construction” driving game: which lane did Goldman decide to drive in and was their decision rational, ethical, both, or neither?)

Topic 2

Discuss the environment of angel investors and venture capitalists in the Silicon Valley.  Do you agree with Mr. Martinez when he suggests that both of these are what feeds the “destructive nature” of Silicon Valley technology?  Why or why not?  How does this square with concerns regarding CSR?

Topic 3

Discuss the character of Mr. Martinez and the relationship between his personal life and work life.  Do effectiveness in Silicon Valley and on Wall Street require that one be like Mr. Martinez?  Why or why not?

Section B

Topic 1

Consider the issue of professionalism in the context of Chaos Monkeys and those working for Goldman Sachs selling CDOs, stocks for Internet IPOs, or commodities in the futures market.  Do you believe a culture of professionalism existed in either situation?  Why or why not?  Do you think Mr. Martinez had a unified moral self?

Topic 2

Is there a connection between financialization and technology?  Do either play a role in the culture of Silicon Valley or in the actions of Goldman Sachs in Griftopia?  Explain.

Topic 3

Both Taibbi and Martinez point to various externalities involving the consequences of actions on the part of Goldman Sachs and tech companies.  Are they morally responsible for these?  Can they be economically competitive and ethical at the same time?  Discuss.


Paper Details

Could you please follow up the guideline step by step and write an easy words and vocabulary for this case. Be aware this is a final paper so be carful with it. In addition, I would choose topic number And those are the link of the books:

I don’t have the book of Martinez – Chaos Monkeys. In addition, I found out some website that will be helpful for the writing I guess.

Lessons from Chaos Monkeys by Antonio Garcia Martinez



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