Using all the information available answer the following questions. Do not write or draw on the map. You have two practical sessions, the intervening week and the week afterwards in which to complete this assessment. Assessment criteria and grade descriptors are attached.


Contours on the map are in feet. 1 metre = 3.28 feet

  1. A major new E-W road is planned along a line from 250570 to 320570. By considering the geology address the following issues associated with changes in soil and rock type
  2. Identify and delineate (giving grid references) sections of the route with significantly different drainage properties and explain what properties you would expect in each section.
  3. Identify and delineate (giving grid references) areas of potential ground instability and explain why your chosen areas may be unstable.
  4. Identify and delineate (giving grid references) potential sections that may have contaminated land issues and explain the geological source of the contaminants.
  5. A fold structure resulted in the limestone outcrop in the vicinity of 344560.
  6. Describe the type of fold?
  7. Draw an east-west cross section through the fold from 330560 to 360560. On the cross section mark the top of the Carboniferous Limestone Series, the top and the base of the Ashover Grit and the base of the Lower Coal Measures.
  8. What is the trend of the fold axial plane?
  9. The uppermost limestone in this area contains traces of uranium minerals which result in high radon fluxes, with soil gas radon reaching 76 kBqm-3, a value that will result in exposures that exceed the UK Radon Action Levels. Identify and explain the areas of maximum radon risk within grid square 300570. (The grid reference refers to the SW corner of the grid square to be considered).
  10. Estimate by how many metres the base of the Ashover Grit is displaced vertically by the fault at 323600, name the type of fault and state what side is downthrown?
  11. A company is prospecting for Pb on Middleton Moor (250555). A geologist estimates that the limestone ore contains, on average, 10% galena and 6% sphalerite by volume. If the quarry goes ahead and extracts100000 tonnes of ore per annum over a 15 year period:
  12. How many tonnes of lead will the mine produce in a year?
  13. If the footprint of the quarry is 200 x 200 m calculate the final depth and the volume available for landfill once the quarry is abandoned.
  14. Comment on the quality of the underlying strata as a barrier to the migration of landfill leachate.
  15. Samples of the Ashover grit have been tested to determine shear strength and the following results obtained.

Confining stress (kN/m2)       Peak strength (kN/m2)

Test 1                          0                                              65000

Test 2                          10000                                      110000

A road cutting in the Ashover Grit at Edge Farm (354553) has experienced a rock slide on a bedding plane. Using the test results and the angle of dip explain why this might have occurred.


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