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Watch the World is Flat video (see the video link below) where Friedman discusses the 10 Forces That Flattened the World (Fall of the Berlin Wall, Netscape IPO, Work flow software, Open Sourcing, Outsourcing, Offshoring, Supply Chaining, In-sourcing, Informing and Wireless) – based upon what you learned in the video and Chapter 2 answer the following TWO questions (type your response below).
1. Explain Friedman’s flat world and the reason it is important for all businesses, small or large, to understand. [2-3 paragraphs]
2. Demonstrate how students competing for jobs in a flat world can create competitive advantages to differentiate themselves in the marketplace. [2-3 paragraphs]
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MoHiMaZek3U
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