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In this paper you will do a descripción of the project Ganttproject . You can can downloaded free to your computer the webside is http://www.ganttproject.biz. Instructions: you will be assigned one of the cases from the part 4 Project Management Organizational Structure from the book Project Management Case Studies that I will attached or uploaded. According with the case assigned you have to present a project to resolve the problem oor the necessity indicated. Follow the instructions to do the descripción of Ganttproject , consider that Sunday nobody worked, verified the holidays and days off for the next 3 months, and you have to included them in the calendar of the project, you have to enter the following roles of the resources that could form part of the human team in the project.

1- Manager of the project

2. Representative of Human Resources


4. Representante of quality control

5. Employee of operations

6. Representative of the materials area.

7. Employee of maintainsnces

8. Technician

9. General manager

10. Operational director

11. Manufacture Supervisor

12. Supervisor of customers services

13. Representative of finances

14. Mecanico

15. Employee of the offices system.

16. Additional Roles according to the case. You have to follow the secuencia Project/ Project properties. Once you finish the information , you have to send it in PFG format. To do the format in pDF follow the following steps:

1 project/ export

2. Chooses PDF format and do click in the following

3 select the file where you want to keep the file exported. It should be the same where the project is keep

4. If you created Activities, you have to shooed the dates that you want to included .

5. Letter should be the measure of the paper

6. In the page orientation , you have to choose horizontal

7. Click on accept .

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