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  • Describe the forensic psychology professional role and explain why this role interests you.
  • Research your selected role and explain the following:
    • Qualifications
    • Certifications and licensure
  • Analyze and evaluate the specific skills a forensic psychology professional in this role would use or impart to police professionals.
  • Analyze and evaluate the specific communication and interactions the forensic psychology professional in this role would have in applicable internal and external contexts.
  • Analyze the ethical, legal, and diversity considerations inherent in this role.
  • Evaluate the potential psychological risks inherent to this role and for the relevant police professionals. Explain how the forensic psychology professional would address these risks.
  • Analyze the special challenges related to your selected role. Explain how a forensic psychology professional would address these challenges.
  • Analyze and evaluate your conclusions drawn and insights gained as a result of completing this Final Project.

You may wish to use the above bulleted items as a basis for topic headings throughout your paper.

Your Instructor will grade your Final Project on a 20-point scale, and it is worth 30% of your final grade. Your Instructor will evaluate your Final Project according to all four indicators in the Application Assignment and Final Project Writing Rubric, located in Course Info. You can find information on scholarly writing in the APA Publication Manual and at the WaldenU Writing Center website. Also, see the Walden University Policies and Information in the Syllabus-II, under “Policies on Academic Honesty.”

Although you do not submit your Final Project until Day 7 of Week 11, you should become familiar with the project requirements and have them in mind as you proceed through the course. Many of the Discussions and Application Assignments relate to and can be of use to you in writing your Final Project.

The Final Project is due on Day 7 of Week 11. See the Week 11 Final Project area for submission details.

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