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To demonstrate the knowledge you have gained throughout the course to a food product.

This will include: the chemical purpose and functionality of ingredients; the use of processing equipment and its associated challenges; and the resolution of processing issues in maintaining a nutritious, high quality, microbiologically safe product.

Background and Audience
You are a product developer at a major international food company tasked with developing a reduced-fat peanut and chocolate flavoured non-dairy beverage. This product will be shelf stable and marketed as ready-to-drink and will consist of only 8-10 ingredients. You are presenting a written report to your company’s R & D team.

Assignment details
Address the following in your report:
(i) Propose ingredients and additives and provide rationale for the use of these in the product.
Include all chemical structures in your discussion of product functionality. N.B. there is no need to provide chemical structures for peanut and cocoa since these are complex foods with multiple components, however a discussion of general structures in relation to functionality is still required.
(ii) Choose your optimal processing and packaging equipment as well as parameters which would result in a product with desired food safety and quality characteristics.
(iii)Discuss production issues or concerns that may arise which are specific to the characteristics of your food and ways in which to resolve them.
(iv)Address the negative and positive consequences of your processing method.
Assignment format
• Use a formal writing style and write in paragraph form.
• Follow the Journal of Food Science (JFS) style for both your in-text referencing and the Reference List at the end of the document. Download the Respecting Intellectual Property document (found under Course Documents) for examples of the JFS style.
• Use the Coultate (6th edition) and Fellows textbooks as references along with 5-8 peerreviewed sources (journals, books).
• Avoid using web articles and information from websites.
• Use double spacing, 12 point font, and Times New Roman throughout the document.
• Limit the assignment length to 6-8 pages including the Reference List.
• Submit the assignment via the D2L Assessment Dropbox by June 25 midnight EST.
Late assignments
• Assignments submitted after the due date will incur a 1 mark penalty per day that it is late.

Assessment rubric
Scoring Guide
5 – Excellent
4 – Good
3 – Good but requires minor revisions
2 – Acceptable but requires considerable revisions
1 – Not acceptable

Total points: ___________(80)

Criteria Rating Weighting
Choice of ingredients and additives are appropriate
for the product. Chemical structures are provided
and functionalities are described in specific and
relevant detail.
5 4 3 2 1 /30
Processing equipment and method are relevant to
the production of the beverage. The final product
is characterized according to food quality and
safety measures (Aw, pH, etc.).
5 4 3 2 1 /15
Production issues specific to the food’s
characteristics are discussed and suggestions are
provided to resolve these issues.
5 4 3 2 1 /10
Negative and positive consequences of processing
are described in relation to your product.
5 4 3 2 1 /10
Choice and rationale for packaging are described in
the context of both desirable shelf life and
5 4 3 2 1 /5
Readability and grammar are suitable for the
audience. Assignment is well-written in a formal
5 4 3 2 1 /5
All 7-10 references are in the JFS style. In-text
references correspond with those in the Reference
5 4 3 2 1 /5

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