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Submit your papers together in one file through Vericite in either .doc, .docx, or pdf format. Failure to follow all of these straightforward directions will results in an automatic 5 point deduction. You will be graded on comprehension, strength of response/argument, and writing quality (that includes how compelling and interesting your responses are)


You can choose your two paper topics from the three prompts below. DO NOT WRITE ON ALL THREE TOPICS.


  1. Define “Encoding and Decoding” and Semiotics in detail. How do these two approaches to reading media relate to one another? How are they different? Choose one of the attached advertisements and describe it using both approaches.


  1. Explain, to the best of your ability, postmodernism. Define some major differences between modernism and postmodernism. Give a couple examples of postmodern art, architecture, or literature to illustrate your point (images are acceptable but do not count toward your page requirements). What is the relationship between ideology and the postmodern turn?


  1. Define Ideology and Hegemony in detail. How do these concepts relate to each other, and how can we apply these concepts to the approach of political economy? Give an example of how one might talk about the political economy of a given topic (Choose a company, ad campaign, or industry) affects or is affected by ideology and hegemony.

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