This report will be about Decision Support System, discuss all the aspects included in the guidelines, my topic is in red color which is mentioned above as well. I have also attached a link about emirates airlines that Emirates has started field-testing an innovative decision support technology that allows it to better manage operations, safety and environmental performance in the face of extreme and disruptive winter weather. Use emirates airlines and the innovation technology they made as an example about DSS. If there is any thing that is unclear information contact me before starting the report to avoid misunderstandings. The report is not less than exactly five pages WITHOUT the reference page, and the table of contents, also for the resources please use proper resources that are known and related to the project.

The purpose of the project is to study and demonstrate an understanding of one of the following topics:

  • Business Intelligence (BI),
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM),
  • Logistics,
  • Decision Support Systems (DSS),
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM),
  • Knowledge Management Systems (KMS),
  • E-Business,
  • Big-Data,
  • Disruptive Technology.

The report must describe the following aspects of your topic:

  • definitions,
  • characteristics,
  • advantages,
  • limitations,
  • systems that support your topic,
  • any other points that you see as being relevant,
  • challenges faced and steps taken to overcome them,
  • possible improvements to the current system.

This is the link for the DSS example about emirates airlines.

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