Please follow these directions in completing ALL written assignments.

  1. All assignments MUST be TYPED on 8 1/2 x 11 paper format, using Times Roman 12 point font-size, and 1” margin spaces along borders. Camera shots or scanned copies are not acceptable.
  2. Remember to use single space within paragraphs and double space between paragraphs. Use sub-headings as necessary.
  3. Follow appropriate professional format for memorandums, letters and reports. See textbook for samples.
  4. Use your real name in all assignments. Save your work in editable Word files with the correct labels.  First name (underscore) Last name (underscore) Memo#1 For e.g. John_Doe_Memo#1

Memo #2 – Review the case scenario (Section 26, Pg. 391) at MetCo and related task details.  Write a report in memo format, analyzing the data and presenting results and conclusions.  Address it to your hypothetical CEO; but you must use your real names.

Prepare Memo #2 as a report in and of itself.  In other words, begin the body of your report below the memo heading.  Memo #2 will be four-five pages.  Be sure to:

  • Create a subject line that serves as a title for the report
  • Write a good introduction, meaning have a clear thesis and purpose (Apply A of ACE model)
  • Identify the research questions you are aiming to answer
  • Identify the most important conclusions you can draw and back each of them up with data/evidence
  • Use informative sub-headings
  • Include tables and graphs that help illustrate and explain the data.  Screen-shots are not acceptable.

You may incorporate additional information.  However, ensure that your information sources are credible, authoritative, recent/current, and relevant.  Sources may include both general background sources as well as specialized sources.  Special-interest sources and popular literature are acknowledged as such if they are cited.  All web sites utilized are authoritative.  Academic peer-reviewed journal articles or scholarly books are most appropriate. A consistent citation style is used in both text and bibliography.


Reminder: Underline your topic sentence for only each ensuing paragraph, after the introduction.  Remember to have the appropriate memo heading format and to conclude your memorandum by using a feedback protocol.  Refer to ‘Format for All Written Assignments’ for other guidelines.

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