Compare one of the themes below within three traditions: Eastern, Abrahamic* and Asian. Choose one religion from each group to explore your theme. You may focus on a specific aspect of the theme – if so state it in your thesis.

Christianity/Catholicism may be used as an Abrahamic religion.

Choose 1 of the themes below and write a 4-5 page research paper. If you have a different theme, you would like to use, come and see me prior to writing your thesis.

Vision of God
Visitations by angels, demons, otherworldly beings.
Nature/Understanding of Humanity of Man
Day of Judgment
Apocalyptic Literature
Afterlife / After death
Morality & Sin
Heaven & Hell
The Persons: “Founders /Prophets.”
Revelation & Prophetic announcement
Scripture/Sacred writings/ Foundational documents
Major ritual/rite
Holy day/s
Current leaders
Religious Sects
Cultural Adaptations of Religion
Video Games

Characteristics of an Analysis paper:
Required to be written in Word.
Required to be submitted on Moodle.
While there is no “set” minimum of body paragraphs for each style of paper – your work should reflect separate ideas/topics built upon the thesis.
Intro, Body (1+) & Concluding paragraphs
Highlight the thesis.
Two academic source & 2 authoritative sources required.
Chicago style Bibliography required.
Chicago style footnotes for quotations & information not in general knowledge required.
Notes need to be in 10 pt font and single-spaced.
Links for Chicago style notations & Bibliography are on Moodle.
1 ½ to 2 pages in length.
All papers are to be double-spaced
Times New Roman 12 pt. font.
*Academic sources are written and published works by academicians who either have or continue to work for an academic institution of higher learning and credited with being a credible and knowledgeable source on the topic. Example: The World’s Religions by Huston Smith.
** Authoritative sources are well-researched publications by journalists, news organizations, graduate students, books, website, etc. Ex: Scientology Going Clear is an authoritative source on Scientology, as is the official website of Scientology.
The three religions I have chosen are , islam , Buddhism, Taoism- compare views on morality and sin


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