This project aims to bring together various topics which you have studied in the Business Management module.

1. You can choose the type of clothing business which you intend to start. State the type of business in your introduction.
2. Word count: 2,500 words approximately.
3. You will be rewarded for extensive research. One useful site is Business case studies:, but please use your initiative in finding other sources of information. Get back to Bruce or Michael for guidance on this if you need it.
4. Make sure that you follow the correct academic rules for referencing and bibliographies. You studied these in the Study Skills module, and there are relevant PowerPoint presentations on the Study Skills page of Moodle. DO NOT PLAGIARISE and do not ask others to write on your behalf.
5. Remember that you will be assessed on your ability to apply information,
6. This project should be a university standard piece of work. We want to see that you are capable of thinking for yourself.
7. The bullet points on page 2 indicate the required topics that must be included in your work.
● Give evidence of an understanding of the full range of possible funding sources – and reasons for the final choice
● Consider different business ownership possibilities – and reasons for the choice chosen
● Give evidence of the research to identify the location – market mapping with a diagram and reasons for the choice vis-à-vis PRICE and QUALITY (X and Y settings) – niche market focus or general market
● Give evidence of market research with examples of Primary and Secondary research information … note the sources and give reasons why
● Link examples of the process with the 4Ps – e.g. provide information about each of the strategies
● Create a detailed SWOT analysis of your enterprise
● Consider your policies about staff recruitment. How will you advertise for staff, give an example of your advert, what questions will you ask applicants for the various jobs
● Give evidence of setting up the store layout (consider professional advice as well)
● Providing evidence from other businesses explain how establishing a brand would affect your retail clothing outlet, and, because this is a new venture, how the brand could turn consumers into customers.
● Give examples of staff duties and a staffing tree
● Give examples of POLICIES and PROCEDURES needed
● How will finances be handled


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