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Recall that for the Final Project, you are the director of a museum and you must select a
focus for the museum. When thinking about the appeal of a museum, you must think in
terms of who will visit it and what it will mean to those visitors. Your audience will be
mainly residents of the very city that you celebrate but, in order to be successful, your
museum will also need to attract visitors from all over the world. How can you appeal to
a worldwide audience?
In Final Project Milestone 1, you first select the museum’s focus. Then, you apply a
wider, global lens to that choice.
Write a 300-word proposal in which you do each of the following:
• State the museum focus that you will use for your Final Project. Recall that the
choices are:
◦ Industry and Commerce
◦ History and Natural History
◦ Science and Technology
◦ Arts and Culture
I suggest u choose history because u will find a lot of information about it.
• Explain why this focus is important to, and evident in, your city. (Write about
Kuwait City)
• Explain how this focus would be relevant to a visitor from another global city.
Write about the history of kuwait when iraq invaded kuwait you will find a lot of

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