Instructions on how to fill in the form – UPLOAD ON CANVAS ONLY THE SECOND PAGE

Please include two choices of dissertation topic, in different subject group/research area, and rank them in order of preference (1 and 2).

Please provide a very brief description on the topic you are interested in in the last column – this doesn’t have to be narrowed down to the final approach/question/problem but needs to give us an idea of the industry/research area, to help us allocate you the right supervisor (we will try our best to give you your first choice of research).


Delete all other areas that you’re not interested in – so your form should only have two rows with text.


Rank Subject group/Research area Your potential research topic
  Business Economics

(clusters, competition policy, EU employment and policy, global value chain, international trade, development of emerging economies, foreign direct investment, labour economics, economics of sport; policy on industrial and venture promotion, banking, monetary and financial history, micro-finance, creative industries and digitalization, etc)

  Entrepreneurship and Local Economy

(organisational learning, entrepreneurship and SME, entrepreneurship and cultural diversity, graduate entrepreneurship, SME policy, family firms, gender and entrepreneurship, local and regional  economic development policy, geography of firms, knowledge and creative economy, clusters, leadership, charismatisation, etc).


(business to business marketing, social marketing, physical activity promotion, social and ethical consumption, cultural consumption, healthy eating, new product marketing, creativity, high tech product marketing, consumer choice and behaviour, SME marketing, branding, cause related marketing, international marketing; e-marketing; retail and services, new markets, green marketing, social media, arts marketing, personal branding, etc)

  Operations and Project Management

(change and innovation management, purchasing and supply chain management; small firm networking, network collaboration, impact of emerging technologies, contracting and incentives, outsourcing, buyer-supplier relationships, public-private partnership, procurement, international operation management, sustainability, etc)

  Organisation, Work and Employment

(careers, young people and work, minority ethnic career, gender and IT career, trade union, work-life balance, HRM; industrial relations, public sector work, political economy, knowledge workers, talent management, high performance working, comparative employment relations, retirement, global labour gouvernance, international HRM, social enterprise, etc)

  Strategy and International Business

(corporate social responsibility, corporate strategy and governance, mergers, multinationals, top management, business and professional services, economic geography of firms, innovation processes, organisation analysis and management, internationalisation of firms, role of knowledge, strategic flexibility and audit, global supply chain, global expansion, digital entrepreneurship, emerging markets, foreign direct investment, mergers and acquisition, cross-cultural management, international business, sustainability, etc).


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