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1.    The overall format should read like a report to senior management. It should capture all the salient points and put together in a concise and easy to read manner (preferably understandable to the CEO)

2.    Begin with a short introduction of the company and the main issues or problems facing it. In some cases, the problems may not be apparent and thought should be given to potential problems that may face the company.

3.    Next, discuss the alternative strategies or options available to resolve the identified issues or problems. Since this is a finance case, you may have to perform financial analysis and present the results in exhibits. Your clear explanation of the exhibits will be key to making a good impression on the reader.

4.    If any assumptions are made, they have to be clearly specified and reasonable

5.    Recommend one of the strategies or options you have outlined and provide an explanation for your choice. You may choose at this time to mention any shortcomings or deficiencies associated with your selection and must be clear explanation of the exhibits

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