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Please refer to the syllabus for guidelines about the written assignments. Each assignment is to be completed individually, although you may discuss your work with other students (group members).


  1. Collect “brand associations” from at least 10 people in the target market for your team brand (i.e., ask “what all comes to your mind when I mention “____ (your brand) ___”?).


  1. Consolidate these 10 responses into the 5-10 strongest associations with your brand.


  1. Based on that analysis, draft a position for your team brand (i.e., specify target, competition, points of parity and points of difference). It is like writing a positioning statement in the following format: Your brand is Unique and Most Important Claim among All Competitive Frame for Target Market because Support, Reasons Why.


Your written report should not be more than two typewritten, double-spaced pages of text, exclusive of any supportive data, or other supplemental material. You must attach your supportive data with you assignment.


Specify sources of information using any standard reference format (MLA, APA, etc. http://www.lib.berkeley.edu/instruct/guides/citations.html). I recommend that you list the references alphabetically at the end of the paper, sequentially numbering each reference. Then, in the body of the paper, place the reference number when you refer to it, e.g., (6, p. 59).


Papers should be stapled in the upper left-hand corner (no plastic covers, please). All pages should be numbered, with the exception of the title page.

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