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Having examined the stories and information about your character in the Gospel accounts, you will develop a working plan or outline for your Biographical Study. It demonstrates the internal logic and integrity that holds the study together and ensures that every section and paragraph of the paper or presentation is “on topic” and supports the research as a whole. Typically, outlines are produced in the Harvard format:
I.    Major point
A.    Sub point
1.    Supporting point
Upload your outline as a Word document and make sure that it includes the following elements:
•    The working title of your Biographical Study;
•    A paragraph describing your research methodology (see Biographical Study – Overview Instructions for more on what a proper research methodology must include);
•    A working outline with an overall introduction containing a thesis statement and conclusion to the study, as well as a description of all lessons or sections the study will contain;
•    A bibliography (revised and updated from Module/Week 2) in current Turabian format of all scholarly and biblical sources that the study will employ. (LOOK AT THE UPLOADED AND ATTACHED GRADED BIBLIOGRAPHY STUDY FOR WHAT YOU NEED TO DO THIS WEEK FOLLOWING THE INSTRUCTIONS AND THE INSTRUCTOR’s Comment/feedback.. All you need to build on is in the uploaded paper.

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