Texas Government Article

Special Instruction: Find a current event related to topics in Texas government: state and local politics. Whats a summary analysis, you say? The grandaddy of all political science, Harold Lasswell, is known for defining Politics. , Ideological values, beliefs, and opinions, aside, when it comes to government and politics, his definition of the word (ironically) […]

How to make Sports specific Sportswear ?

Things to Mention: Type of garment and fabric to be used while performing specific sports. This would enable the garment manufacturer to choose the right type of fabrics, for the specific sports. We are dealing in fabrics which are used to make sportswear garments. Using this article we want to educate the sportswear garment manufacturers/ […]

Shopify Review

I want you to write an informative and entertaining review of Shopify. It needs to be thorough and honest – show its pros and cons while entertaining the reader. Also, make it REALLY easy to read. The article needs to motivate young entrepreneurs to sign up to Shopify and TAKE ACTION

Decision Support System (DSS)

This report will be about Decision Support System, discuss all the aspects included in the guidelines, my topic is in red color which is mentioned above as well. I have also attached a link about emirates airlines that Emirates has started field-testing an innovative decision support technology that allows it to better manage operations, safety […]

Python program

Take the master boot record from this week’s module and use it as a file input for your program. It will be named block.dd and you can assume that it’s in your current directory so you don’t have to provide a path to it. Make sure that you copy it into the directory where your […]


using python3 and beautiful soup steps: -takes in a string of a website url such as "https://www.gillette.ca" -goes into the website and record the different type of cases the word gillette (BrandName) appeared such as "gillette" and "Gillette" and number of times it appeared, put those information in a dictionary -finds all the link in […]