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You must write a research essay of 2,500–3,000 words (min 8 double-spaced typed pages in length, not including title page, bibliography, and footnotes or endnotes; maximum length 10 pages) on one of the topics from the list on the next page. The topics are broadly defined, so you should feel free to narrow them down to suit your own interest in the topic—as long as you keep the focus on the interrelated or comparative history of Canada and the United States.

You should use at least six sources. You can use any relevant sources from our required or suggested readings—except for the online lectures (module notes) themselves. However, at least three of your sources must be sources that are not part of our required readings.

Five percent (5%) will be deducted from your paper mark (out of 100) for each source you do not use. You must make meaningful and substantial use of each of your sources. Sources that have obviously been included merely to pad the bibliography will not count toward the minimum requirement.

Use only scholarly articles and books (e.g. those published by academic/university presses; those with well-documented/footnoted sources, etc.).

Do not use Internet websites to write your papers (esp. Wikipedia and other online encyclopedias). In addition, do not use encyclopedias, dictionaries, or general textbooks (e.g. Illustrated History of Canada, Origins: Canadian History before Confederation, or A History of the Canadian Peoples).

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